Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lybberty Days 2014

What do you get when you put 37 of your favorite people in one place...FUN! For 41 years this group has been getting together. My great grandparents started the tradition as a Thanksgiving family reunion in St. George, Utah. After they passed away, my grandpa and his two siblings and spouses moved it to summertime. Since then, every one of my mom's cousins got married and now there are a bunch of grandkids; 6 "grandparents," 14 "parents," and 17 of us!

I'm third youngest and Gates is second youngest. Lucky for us our cousins are super great and include us in everything. This year they took me mountain bike riding. Yes, I only learned to ride a bike a few months ago, and yes, my bike and I were shorter than most of the bushes we were passing. But thanks to my cousins encouragement, I had a blast and went two days in a row. Check out the video.
We hiked, biked, swam, played tennis and ping pong, participated in tons of games, and I even caught my first fish!


My fish was a 4.5 pound tiger trout. It's a catch and release pond so this lady helps you scoop the fish up in a net, pulls the hook out, then lets it go back into the water. The adults thought she was really funny because she held the fish like a baby and then softly massaged the fish in the water before it swam away. They called her the fish whisperer. I'm not sure what that means, but my guess is she whispered, "you're lucky I'm here because Bodie had plans to eat you."

 We're so lucky to have such an awesome family! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Ten days of non-stop play. This pretty much sums up our latest trip to Utah. We got into town and headed to my Uncle Rick's waterski lakes ( for four days, then up to the mountains for four days, and then back to the lake one more time before we flew home. We're breaking this post into two -- one about the overall trip, and one specifically about Lybberty Days (our family reunion in the mountains).

My grandparents and aunt and uncle now have a house built on the lake which is so great because you can wake up and go water skiing at the beginning of the day and fall asleep right after you eat s'mores - all without driving! We waterskied, (yes, this we includes ME!), wakeboarded, paddle borded, swam, rode in the ATVs, jumped of the dock, drove the boat, jumped on the trampoline, played on the playground, and relaxed.



The St.Jeors and some of my aunts and uncles came out to the lake as well. We all piled on a paddle board, Tate held the rope, and the boat took off. Our job was to stay on the board. Poor Tate, his job was to keep our board, with all of us on it, connected to the boat! Needless to say, he spent the most time in the lake. Thanks Tate! My parents and I skied a bunch - my dad figured out he skied about 54 miles, whew, that's a lot of miles. Check out my video.
There really is no shortage of pictures to share from this trip, but here is one more of our favorites - check out Gates watching our grandpa tear it up on the waterski. Not too many kids can say their grandparents shred it at waterskiing - so stinking awesome. Seriously, does anyone else have a 70 year old grandma who slalom skis!?!?!

We also headed over to Tate and Brenna's dad's work, a firehouse at one of the ski resorts. Troy is so cool and he not only let us get in the fire trucks, he took us out for a RIDE in the fire truck AND the ATV. I got to put on the radio headset during the drive and he even shot water out of the mega-pump on top of the truck!

A few hours before we left town, we met up with the Cook/McQueen family for fun at a local spray park. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a great visit! Really, I don't think we could have packed in any more fun if we tried! (Check back for our next post about Lybberty Days)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Graduations & Vermont

Apparently finishing school is a REALLY big deal when you get bigger and not such a big deal when you're little. My brother completed his first year of preschool, had a class party, and got a high five. My older cousins finished 8th grade and 12th grade and holly cow...Par-tay! My Nana and PopPop came into town or my cousin Francesca's 8th grade graduation, so we also scored a bonus visit from them - thanks Francesca for finishing 8th grade! LOTS of play time that included baseball, naps, walks, and painting.
Then we hopped in the car and headed north to Vermont for my cousin Luke's high school graduation. Luke is a rock star and got tons of awards including athlete of the year. He's headed to UMass for college where I'm sure he'll  continue being awesome. (I do own other collared shirts, but apparently my mom decided I should wear this green one to all of the graduations this year!)

Bodie and I got tons of cousin time there too. Climbing in the playhouse, riding the rope swing, soccer, basketball, visiting a car museum, oh, and I also did some napping!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


That is the number of photos needing to be downloaded from the past three weeks of activities which included several states, two graduations, a visit from grandparents, and a family reunion. Please hold while we get the pictures organized. We'll share our adventures shortly!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Turbo Foot

He's crawling! He's not only crawling, he's zipping over, under, around, through EVERYTHING! He's already decided he's not fast enough just crawling, so mid-crawl, he uses his left foot to launch himself forward. Go Turbo Foot!